Western Movies

Blue Steel
Hard Bounty
Comin' at Ya!
Red Sundown
Gun Belt
The Shooter
Frontier Feud
Ghost Rock
The Last Day
The Pavilion
Watch Western Movies

If you want to move into the past to see real cowboys and these epic duels, you might like westerns. It is a pasteboard of American cinema. The genre was invented so long ago in the Wild West and has its own rich history. The first western film was made in the end of the 19th century and very soon films of that genre became popular among habitants of these lands.

Westerns shows events of these times and the main themes are exploring the Wild West, stories about cowboys and shooting in bars.

The best movies have something common with comedies, detectives and adventure films. Westerns have several special features which no one genre has: temperance in dialogs; a lot of shooting, scenes with guns and chasing on horses; splendid costumes and tribes of Indians; excellent music during the most important moments in a film.

Watching westerns is the best way to feel that atmosphere of the Wild West, enjoy!