War Movies

The Cazalets
Forgotten Men
Opium War
Seas Beneath
Game of Aces
The Key
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War movies are very popular among boys and men of all ages. You can ask a random man to name his favorite film and there is a great chance he will name a movie about war. It is not surprisingly, because it is something in men’s blood, which makes us want to fight.

War films emerged almost with the beginning of the cinema. Later, with the development of technologies, it became more popular because such technologies made directors able to depict epic battles and fights with high precision. Using of military vehicles and weapons makes war movies especially interesting for ones who love all that stuff – guns, tanks, airplanes, ships and so on.

It happens often that a war film has features of other genres as drama, action (this is for sure), history and biopic.

There are a lot of worthy war movies, which show us uneasy fights, courage of war leaders and ordinary soldiers, sanguinary battles.