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Anabolic Life
108 Stitches
Inside Edge
The Club
Saala Khadoos
Body and Soul
The Break
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Great champions of different kinds of sport have something to share with others. That is about how they reach their goals and outdo themselves. If you love sport or you are just a sport fan, you will probably like this genre. You can meet several subgenres of sport movie: drama, biopic, history, action and others. In general, every sport film has moments of these subgenres.

Sport films are good for all people, these movies are watched by children, adults and old men, because this genre attracts the audience as a magnet. The action on the screen is even more interesting when you see a real story of someone who achieved success in some kind of sport activity. In that case, you can learn about one’s way to the crest of the wave and see the history of a particular sport. And, of course, their struggle to get accomplished. Every sportsman had or has obstacles on his way, but the thing, which differs them from the others – they never give up. Maybe, it is their main secret.