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District C-11
The Beyond
Wired to Kill
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The Void
Brother John
Apokalips X
King Dinosaur
Alien Seed
Masked Rider
Run Like Hell
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The fact is that reality is boring, especially when it is compared to the future. Sci-fi movies allow people to move into the distant or the nearest future and see how things are going on there. Such imaginative worlds have new and still not invented technologies, peculiar laws of physics, strange creatures in the galaxy and the same stuff, which a lot on men are dreaming about.

The one’s fantasy has no limits. And, thanks to it, we have so many brilliant sci-fi movies which are worth to stay at the top of all films ever made. It is also a common thing that such films are based on fantastic novels, comics and short stories. It is supposed that this genre is the most developed for it requires modern technologies of filmmaking and advices of prominent scientists during preparation of the plot.

Sci-fi can cross other genres: adventure, action, comedy and others. However, the most distinguished thing of sci-fi films is in profoundly considered characteristics of technical devices, vehicles and weapons.