Romance Movies

All I Want
Love, Simon
Stolen Hearts
Life Itself
Will & Liz
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This is presumably, the most favorite genre of girls and women. It is not secret, they all dream about pure love, which has no ending. This is very sentimental, charming and touching genre. The basis for such movies are unbelievably strong feelings, which help people to cope with their difficulties and, eventually, be together. Almost all films of this genre have happy endings, though there are some which make the audience cry.

Romantic movies may have features of other genres: comedy, drama, family and history. Inclusion of humor makes these films good for watching them with family.

Sometimes, especially in the beginning, the action on the screen seems odd, however, with time you accustom to it and start to enjoy the story. It is good to note, boys also watch films of this genre. When they are with their girlfriends. And sometimes even cry. With happiness. Because the movie is ended.