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Musical is a popular genre among those who love to see unusual plots flavored with great music. It took a lot of years to understand that combining cinema, drama, choreography and music will create something new and peculiar. When filmmakers decided to do that, it was the genesis of musical as a genre. Nowadays these films are made due to contemporary technologies of filmmaking, incredible music, professional choreography and suitable special effects.

Just confess, even having a lot of movies with CG these days, it is still nice seeing musical performance with vivid dancing movements. Basically, dialogs and some minor actions are not necessary, though all this complements the whole performance well. Sometimes there are even jokes, which make this genre better. Musical movies can be watched with the whole family for you will not meet there cruelty and blood stuff. As you see, musical films are suitable for children, adults and this makes them indispensable in your movie collection.