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The Terror
12 Strong
72 Heroes
The Post
Darkest Hour
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Are you interested in the past of our civilization? Then you should pay attention to historical movies. They depict the most important events in a very easy way for understanding. Common themes for these films are: political reforms, wars and battles, revolutions, geographical explorations. Films of this kind have many similar features with biopic. However, historical movies have special attention to historical events on the whole, personalities can be described but not so profoundly as in biopic.

What makes a historical film good? Decorations, weapons, suits and, for sure, a great director and famous actors. AS a rule, a director does not have to invent a plot, for it was already written – by history. A deliberately made film can depict events of the past that you would believe you were there. And, by the way, watching historical films is a nice way to become more intelligent and erudite.