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Dark Legacy
Misseu waipeu
Sardaar Ji
Lou Lap
The Tomb
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Fantasy is one of the most beloved genres everywhere for everybody loves adventures with dragons, vampires, superheroes and other fantastic living creatures.

Mostly, fantasy is based on fairytales, and life in such a fairytale is the main root for any movie of this genre. When you are watching a fantastic film, it is ok if the laws of our world do not work there or a man who got a bullet in his head gets up and moves. Relax, it is fantasy. Animals can talk like humans, men are able to read one’s thoughts and there is always place for miracle. It is not surprising, that this genre is very popular among children.

This genre is quite related to sci-fi, but it is not the same. Fantasy is about magic, miracles and sorcery. To say it shortly, fantastic movies have fairytale or mythical ground and sometimes are screen versions of comics, worldwide known novels and myths. So be ready to meet dragons, wizards, superheroes and genuine miracle!