Drama Movies

Pin Cushion
David Movie
A. I. Tales
All I Want
Easy Living
Sexual Heat
La vergüenza
Pop Aye
Perfect Piece
The Hunted
Patient Zero
Het beest
Good Garbage
Spinning Man
Love, Simon
Watch Drama Movies

Get ready you handkerchiefs, because this time you will cry like a baby. Let me to introduce you drama!

Drama is considered to be one of the most complicated genres both in filmmaking and understanding. Films of this genre are also high-ranked and the worldwide audience loves it. The history of this genre began in ancient Greek theaters, where actors were performing drama plays. Nowadays the attention of directors of drama movies is concentrated on different conflicts, tough life situations, bad experience and unrequited love – in a single word everything, which can happen and sometimes happens to every human being.

It is supposed, that the target audience of drama are women. However, some facts disprove this theory: men also do not mind to watch dramas when it comes to it. Just think about it: you do not have to experience all that the main heroes experience and together with it you are able to learn from their mistakes.