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The Keepers
Take Me
Free Fire
Small Crimes
Instant Death
Commando 2
Dark Minds
Live PD
Urban Legends
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Films about gangsters, robbers, thieves, killers, rouges – on the one hand, and cops, detectives and investigators – on the other. Crime movies attract people who want to see real action coupled with sophisticated crime investigations, assassinations and robberies.

Usually, there are two main characters (though sometimes there are exceptions) which are rivals and after the opposite goals. It is always hard to decide which character you are going rooting for. On the contrary, if there is only one character, things are much easier. In that case, we see a chain of elegant actions to get some job done. It is always interesting to watch professionals at their work. By the way, a single main character means that his identity is disclosed resourcefully.

Within this genre, you are going to meet such subgenres as criminal drama, criminal comedy, biopic and others. Action presents by default.