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What makes you laugh so loud that your neighbors have to call the police? You are right, comedy films. The best genre to have a great evening with friends. Movies of the genre got recognition all over the world due to humor, many funny situations and unbelievably talented actors (Jim Carrey, for instance). Comedies are watched by men, women and children of all ages.

The history of comedy films takes its beginning from the emergence of cinema. With time, technologies and ways of filming have improved, but it have not changed the audience’s attitude to comedies. Everybody loves it for watching such films helps to get rid of stress, which is widely spread nowadays.

There are some subgenres of the basic one – comedy. These are parody, tragic comedy and black humor. Every subgenre has its features and zest.

It was scientifically proved, that laugh can prolong anybody’s life. And, moreover, it improves the quality of life. Do not waste your time, choose a good comedy, enjoy and laugh.