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Frigid Hare
Beep, Beep
Pup 2 No Good
Lego Friends
Rusty Rivets
Kuma miko
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It is not necessary that animation is made only for little children. Adults can watch them also. Really. Isn’t it funny to see an awkward creature in a fairy setting? The world of animation is so beautiful and deep in some sense, that it can distract you from your everyday problems and help you to find yourself in the atmosphere of love, good stories and merry endings.

Since the emergence of the genre, it was supposed to satisfy children’s demands, not adults’ ones. At this point, every animation movie is ready to offer adult people a thoroughly researched plot with philosophical ideas.

As we figured out, animation fits both children and their parents. The first will get amusement and joy during watching it, the second will be able to spend time with their kids and keep in mind, that every grown person is a little child inside.