Adventure Movies

The Stolen
Wild Men
Private Eyes
Taking Flight
Rough Stuff
Final Score
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Do you want to see a hero solving problems and trying to get out of difficult situations? Your genre is adventure. Great and beautiful landscapes, ancient secrets and cunning antagonists – with all this stuff the main hero encounters and moves through the obstacles.

Unlike action, adventure does not always have a lot of shootouts and fights – heroes try to use rather their brains, than muscles. Savvy – is the thing which every hero of adventure movies has without exception.

Some people find this genre very useful not only as a recreational means, but also as an educational one. While watching any film of this genre you can be sure, you are going to meet very interesting historical facts (though some of them easily can be invented for sake of a good plot) and lovely views of nature where the action is taking place. In a single word, watching adventure movies is a good way to see brute force in conjunction with acumen.